Preliminary Guides for the Paid Android Application Forum

Every application will have its own thread for description and discussion. The minimum requirement to start a topic (original posting or OP), should be:

Title: [PREFIX] Application name and version number.
Released by : Developer or company name
Requirement : Android version, such as Android 1.6+, Android 4+, etc . . .
Description: What the app does, feature list, etc . . .
Special Installation : If applicable.
Poster Comment : Your own evaluation of the application, tips or tricks, etc . . .

Please use the pre-defined Prefix as shown below:

Apps Prefix:
. [ADDR] Contacts and all contact related software; phone numbers, addresses, etc.
. [BRWR] Internet/Network, Browsers, messengers, email clients, download utilities)
. [CALC] Calculators and any kind of program used for calculations
. [EDU] Education and any kind of teaching or educational software
. [EMU] Emulators such as OS emulators, Ubuntu, etc . . .
. [ENT] Entertainment, hobby, sports, and other programs that are not games but provide entertainment
. [FIN] Finance/Business (Any software used for business and personal finance
. [GPS] GPS applications, navigation software, etc . .
. [HLTH] Health/Medical (Fitness, health, medical)
. [img] Imaging apps that make use of your camera, camera effects, graphics programs, etc . . .
. [INPT] Input, voice command, software keyboards, and other input applications
. [KIDS] Reading, math, keep your kids busy
. [LNG] Languages, Dictionaries, encyclopedias
. [LAUN] Launcher/Home Screen/Widgets
. [MDIA] Media, Video viewers, mp3 players, online TV
. [OFFC] Office/Productivity, Document viewers, eBook readers, notes and presentation apps
. [PC/Mac] Android related PC or Mac, or any other computer OS software. Movie encoders, synchronization, development, etc.
. [PHN] Phone (Any software that makes use of the phone function
. [PROG] Programming, coding, app development
. [RELG] Religious texts, calendars, guidelines
. [SCHED] Schedule, Calendar, Time management
. [SEC]Security such as call blocking, virus protection, eWallets, encryption tools
. [SYS] System tune-up, optimization, tweaking
. [TRVL] Traveling guides, non-GPS maps, useful travel information
. [WAP] Wallpapers, Themes
. [WTHR] Weather and weather forecast
. [OTHR] Other, anything that does not fit into one of the other categories
. [PACK] Software Packages (Releases with more than one app from different categories

Please search before posting to avoid duplicate.


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