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Lenovo S960 VIBE X ROM–MTK6589T Quad Core 1.5GHz Android 4.2 smartphone

Lenovo S960 is a classic smartphone for most customers. And as Lenovo has released the new arrivals as much as possible, we must forget those classic ones that we have pursued. This smartphone has 5inch FHD IPS screen with 6.9mm ultrathin design body. And internal memory has RAM 2GB ROM 16GB. The overall performance runs well compared with other android smartphones. Meantime, it sells at $167.99 at the most favorable price right now in 1949deal. Are you heart-beated about it? And if you want to flash it to support multilanguage, we can offer you the latest ROM about it. Let’s prepare well now.

Download the Lenovo S960 ROM here: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1dDvjSHj
Password: czyf

K5 Manufacturing tool usermanual

Manufacturing Flash Tool is the one-stop downloading tool of K5, use the tool to download “IAFW/DNX/AOS” all and Modem Firmware (right now Modem can’t be used), the procedures to install below about the needed drivers and relative software !
1.IntelAndroidDrvSetup1.2.0 — android usb driver for Intel Mobile device
2.iSocUSB-Driver-Setup-1.0.2.exe — Atom SOC usb driver
3.ManufacturingFlashTool_Setup_6.0.2.exe — One site manufacturing downloading tool
Notice: this version has contradiction with K800, the old version. before installing, delete the old version’s driver.
1.1 Install IntelAndroidDrvSetup
Click “Next”
Click “Next”,to choose to install in default
Click “Install” until finish installing
1.2 Install iSocUSB Driver
Click “Next” step by step, until finish installing.
2.1 Install ManufacturingFlashTool_Setup_6.0.2.exe
Do it according to the tips, please install the software to path in default.
2.2 double click “”Manufacturing Flash Tool” icon in desktop, start the software interface as follows:
2.2 Set up the configuration of the software: ”File” -> “Settings” , save as follow.
2.3 Select the resource configuration file in XML format, This file is used to configure the path to program resources。 the document should be released together every time with the software version, and placed in the same catalogue
, the document should be released together every time with the software version, and placed in the same directory. File->open-> select the relative file.
After install successfully, “Mft log” windows as follows:
2.4 Install Tips as follows:
(1) Ensure to upgrade the cellphone with over 40% battery, and before upgrading, guarantee to copy the materials.
(2) Turn off the cellphone
(3) Open MFT tool to select XML file, use USB cable to connect the PC, then download the ROM to work normally.
(4) After installing, the software will stop. Check As follows,

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