F9 , F900 , TWD_MID , M900, CHINESE SAMSUNG TAB3 and many other names

I got this tablet for my birthday from my wide, at first it was a great tablet and then it started freezing during apps and actions. Once a week , then once a day, now several times a day. I am looking for a working rom hopefully 4.1 or higher droid. I know that the faaast jb rom worked on a trio7c which has many of the same features except my new one is a 9" screen. If anyone has a working rom for this could you please help out on testing it and where to download it. Would like to see if someone can test the faaast jb rom on one to see if it works, as mine still works and do not want to load a rom until sure it works.

Specs (that i know):

inside cover says M900

System says TWD_MID

Os 4.0.4

Main board TW_A0910_V22_1126

Cpu A13 DB036CA1BE1

Dual Camera

Screen 9 inch (system says 5 inch i know crazy)

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