How to access recovery on N900X / how to flash recovery without recovery?

I have been given an old tablet N900X Allwinner A13 tablet.

I have been trying to enter recovery mode so I can install custom recovery and flash JB as at the moment it is running 4.04 ICS but I am not having much luck. So far I have tried

  • Power off then vol + and power
  • Power off then vol - and power
  • reboot recovery option via rashr
  • reboot recovery via terminal emulator command
  • Quick boot app
  • Flashify - says flashed recovery but reboots device instead of going in to recovery?
Nothing happens on the first two and the the other three just reboot the device.

I can only assume that this tablet does not have a recovery installed. I have downloaded the custom CWM from the for the A13 devices and I have checked the partition size NANDJ and downloaded the correct CWM. The problem I have is that I have no idea how I can flash recover without a recovery installed? I am not familiar with terminal commands. However, I am sure there must be a way to flash the IMG through the emulator but I don't how to? ie commands to locate directory of IMG and SH files from recovery zip.

I have tried to install the unzipped recovery IMG through RASHR but nothing happens except the tablet reboots Could anyone offer some help? I feel exhausted looking for the solution. I must have read thousands of posts through XDA looking for the answer.


Please put me out of my misery

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