Teclast P88 H3D7 Modded 4.2.2 Firmware

Below is link to Tab_Modder's posted ANY_3.0.8_M1_software_chineseversion_4.2.2_20130425

BUT, modded for use on the Teclast P88 H3D7 Tablet.

So, it already has the P88 kernel inserted, as well as the Wi-Fi fix I found was necessary.

99.9 percent of the work for this belongs to Tab_Modder, :cheers:
I just added the .img and system files to make it work on the P88.

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. By running this firmware, you agree that there is the possibility that you may brick your device. You agree that only you are responsible and no one else is responsible for supporting you if that occurs. (although the community is great at providing help to you!)


Rooted Teclast P88 H3D7

ClockWorkMod for RK3066 installed (from fun_'s site http://androtab.info )

Firmware downloaded from link below and copied to root of external_sd of tablet.

A copy of gapps-jb-20130812-signed.zip copied to root of external_sd of tablet. [Download from http://goo.im/gapps ]

A good copy of current firmware.img , or valid NAND, so that if something goes wrong you have a way to get back to a working tablet.

How to Install

  1. Be sure to read and comply with REQUIREMENTS listed above.
  2. Boot into CWM Recovery on the P88.
  3. In CWM - go to - mounts and storage - select with power button, then
  4. format boot - then,
  5. format cache - then,
  6. format data - then,
  7. format system - then go back to CWM main menu.
  8. Still in CWM select install zip from sdcard -then
  9. choose zip from external sdcard -then
  10. highlight and select Teclast_P88_H3D7_3.0.8_M1_4.2.2_20130425.zip
  11. the firmware load can take some time - BE PATIENT! DO NOT INTERRUPT!!
  12. NOTE: wait until the upper screen reverts back to the main CWM menu. The lower screen may say complete but it is not, until the upper screen changes back to main menu.
  13. Select Reboot System Now. (if it asks to fix root - select yes).
  14. Allow tablet to reboot all the way to the lock screen. This may take some time, again BE PATIENT!
  15. You will probably see the boot logo fade out and the screen seem to go blank, again BE PATIENT!
  16. At some point you will see the lock screen flash on, then off. At this point you can press the power button and lock screen should come back.
  17. NOTE: I have found that there is a bit of lag time between the lock screen appearing, and the system to be fully loaded. Give it some time, this is the only noticeable lag, but I do see it repeatedly on loading/rebooting.
  18. I found the following steps necessary to make things work correctly on my tablet.
  19. Now reboot back into CWM RECOVERY [ there should be a Reboot Button Icon in app drawer, or close tablet and reboot by holding buttons].
  20. From CWM - select - install from sdcard - then,
  21. highlight and select - gapps-jb-20130812-signed.zip
  22. wait for upper screen to revert back to main CWM menu.
  23. Select Reboot system Now.
  24. Wait for reboot -- Done.


Teclast P88 H3D7 Modded 4.2.2 Firmware

Thanks for sharing this package it seems to work good.
Will test it some more. Your instructions were really clear. Can you get the home screen to auto rotate mine just sits in landscape.
Anyway thanks

Teclast P88 H3D7 Modded 4.2.2 Firmware

I changed the launcher and it is much more snappy the rotation is correct now as well. Hardware video seems not to work so I'm using mx player in software mode. Works fine. Thanks

Teclast P88 H3D7 Modded 4.2.2 Firmware

Findings after using a few days.
More battery drain
Very sluggish on anything using 3d I think video not optimised. Even in simple games.
Screen rotation not smooth
Wifi is good

Teclast P88 H3D7 Modded 4.2.2 Firmware

Wow, didn't realize how long it has been since checking back to this thread. So a couple of quick remarks.

It should be noted that this firmware is based on a PIPO M1-Max update. The specs on the PIPO are a bit different then the Teclast P88, so I would not expect everything to work 100% as a well as if it was provided by the manufacturer. Of course, that is the compromise generally made when one "upgrades" to a non-OEM firmware; or at least should be aware they may have to make.

Glad you found a launcher to correct the home screen issue you were having. I did not remember whether I noticed the same problem, but then I had immediately installed Holo Launcher HD on my spouse's unit as that is what she wanted. That launcher worked fine, as I suspect Nova Launcher and numerous others would.

Otherwise, after looking at the Teclast P88 again, I did find the screen rotation occasionally lazy, do not know if this is due to accumulated detritus from three months use or just the way it has been right along.

On the video issue, I probably am not the best person to comment on 3d or games. I do know my spouse uses the tablet for watching art instructional videos and word games, I was told she has no issues with quality, but that is a long way from 3d games.

Otherwise, your thanks are welcome. Though as I stated they rightfully belong to Tab_Modder for his original posting.

Also, I encourage you to post any fixes you may discover that makes the P88 more enjoyable while using this firmware mod.

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