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Merry Christmas


On behalf of everyone from FMA we want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Just some quick holiday tips that may help you during the typical winter months.

1.) Try not to leave electronic devices (especially ones with screens) in you car or outside during subfreezing temperatures. It could cause damage and possible screen damage.

2.) If you bring a device from the cold into a warm place condensation is your enemy. Condensation could cause moisture to form on the circuits and cause corrosions or shorts. Make sure the device is powered off and allowed to come up to room temperature before operating. To expedite this place the device in a plastic bag and make sure it is shut tight. The air in the bag will be cooler than the room and act as a buffer to help transfer the heat better.

3.) If you drop your device in water immediately turn off your device and remove the battery. Shake the excess water from the parts and dry with a towel. Place the device and battery in a bag of rice and let it sit for 24 hours. After the device has thoroughly dried attempt to start the device. Do not use a hair dryer or heater as the excessive heat could cause screen damage or melting of the soldering.

Remember these types and have a safe and wonderful holiday.

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