Win7 does not recognize U30GT-H tablet - unable to update driver

Model: U30GT-H
Android Ver: 4.1.1
Kernel Ver: 3.0.8+
Firmw: TRU30_RT5631_CT365_FT5606_FT5606_GT828_RK903_OV2659BF_GC2035BF_RK30HDMI_OTG@121227)_(M_CN@121128)_V411.01_TL12

Build: RK30_ANDROID4.1.1-SDK

When I connect the tablet to win7 64 bit laptop, the device is unrecognized.
I have tried searching the web and manually upgrading the driver software using device manager but each time it says Windows was unable to install etc.

I am a newbie so I would rather not do any low level upgrade etc.

Can anyone help me please?


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