Cnm 9.7sc

I've not been able to find any info relating to these tablets on this forum - although it may be that my searching skills aren't up to much - so I thought I'd drop some info in and see what interest it generates...

I got the 9.7" version last Christmas, and, although it is nothing like as quick and good as my Voyager II, it is absolutely brilliant as a crib device when I'm gigging. I bolt it to my mic stand and it shows me the set list, lyrics (in case I forget) and patch settings for my pedal board. It's also excellent for non-power-user stuff like e-Reading and general net-surfing. It's also a capable media player too.

Screen - 9.7" 4:3 1024x768 5-point multi-touch capacitive
Processor - 1.1Ghz ARM Single Core
RAM - 1Gb DDR3
Storage - 8Gb NAND
Ext Storage - Micro SD card up to 32Gb
Ports - 1 x mini USB, mini-HDMI, 3.5mm Headphone, MicroSD slot
Wifi - 802.11 b/g/n spec with 2.4GHz connection
Camera - 0.3MP front, 2MP rear
Sensor - G-sensor
Android - 4.0 ICS
Weight - 600g (ish)
Dimensions - 241.5mm x 183.8mm x 10.5mm
Battery - 6000mAh (advertised 8hr run time - but I'm lucky to get over 5 with constant usage)

In The Box:
5v Plug-in charger
USB lead
USB adapter
Manual and quick-start guide

What's missing:

Like I mentioned, this is mainly used for displaying documents to help me when I'm on stage, but it does come in useful as a Kindle Reader, Media Player and web-browser, although some sites are a bit intensive and slow the darn thing down to a crawl.
I've actually managed to stuff the device by upgrading the firmware from the cnm website. However, a quick call to the cnm help desk and they are uploading the replacement firmware to their dropbox. I'll let you know how I get on. I would just point out that the cnm helpline were brilliant.

A quick look at Google throws up a bit of interest with respect to rooting the device, and if folk are interested I'll dig deeper. :)

EDIT: cam sent me the link to the correct firmware within 15 minutes. Downloaded, installed, and everything back to normal. Excellent service!!
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Cnm 9.7sc

Any chance of a link to this firmware? It would be greatly appreciated

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