Freelander PD20 Memory problem - pls help!


Finally I succeed with reflash my FPD20(D81A) firmware via pc/flashtool. But now I can't see the external SD. :(
There is in the Settings/Storage menu:
Internal Storage: Total space 0.9GB
External Device: Mount external device. But I can't choose this option, it's grey
USB storage: Mount USB storage. It's also grey, I can't connect my tablet to my PC via USB cable.

Any idea how to fix? What can I do?

Edit: I can see SXZ Link-Create USB device (2x) in my control panel but can't switch on USB mode on the tablet.
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Freelander PD20 Memory problem - pls help!

In FWDN I can see NAND Data 6037504KB so it is about 5900MB, but I can see just the 0.9GB in the settings.

Freelander PD20 Memory problem - pls help!

Problem solved. If anyone experiencing this problem just change the Default download option in FWDN main screen to Low format whole memory before download.

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