screen problem - screen has shifted

Ok im really hoping someone can help. I've been googling this problem for about three hours.

I have a pipo s1. I downloaded the TNT 5 Rom. Followed the flashing instructions. Now when the tablet reboots the screen is messed up. There is a black bar about an inch wide on the right of the screen and the bottom with a ghost image, ie the bottom black bar ghosts the top of the screen. It's almost like the resolution is no longer 800*480. I tried flashing the stock Rom and factory reset. Im now really stumped and have a 7" tablet with 5" active display :(

screen problem - screen has shifted

Where did you download your TNT R5 firmware from?
Did you press update? (because i always go with Restore)
Try using Rockchip Batch Tool 1.5
Wipe Cache data when done.

Let me know the results

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