[ROM] Top Notch Tablets - Cube U20GT-WS - Firmware Release 1c

1c Update:
-Build.prop mod based on SGS III for improved market
-Hopefully the other game stopping bugs have been fixed :( . If you have a 20GT and don't mind flashing and reporting, it would be appreciated!

-Based on stock rom (2012.12.27)
-App partition is Larger
-Removed Chinese Apps
-framework.jar mod for better gameloft compatibility (Asphalt 7 should now work)
-Added SuperSu, gallery with picasa support, ESfile Explorer, english dictionary fix
-Simplified and pretty boot animation
-Changed Annoying Keyboard Key-press sounds... now they are less annoying (based off Cyanogen sounds)
-Default Background should be changed
-Changed "browser" start page to our Google paid search. Use it (free to use for you) to search the web and you will be helping to support us as we release more free firmware. Can easily change this if you want.

Go to: http://www.rockchipfirmware.com -->firmware -->pick your manufacturer -->download firmware

Go to: http://www.topnotchtablets.com/support , then click on the "firmware" button, then click "RKbatch" RK3066 Firmware Utility, Guide, & Firmware Images" and then finally click on the firmware image you want to download.


Flash using RKbatch.



PS - Like the work? If you see a google ad on either site that appeals to your interests, click on it and check it out. Please DON'T just click to click or be nice! But if you see something genuinely interesting, please do click as our freely provided firmware is in part supported by our site ads.
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[ROM] Top Notch Tablets - Cube U20GT-WS - Firmware Release 1c

It would be a great ROM if it only worked.

I have a Cube U20GT-WS - the stock rom on which this rom is based runs without any probles. Unfortunatelly after flashing this rom all of a get after booting popup a constant error massage that "android systemui stopped unexpectedly" (or something like that). I tried a few installs. No succesed. Returned to stock

[ROM] Top Notch Tablets - Cube U20GT-WS - Firmware Release 1c

@ Kiszka - Thanks for the feedback! That is very helpful. I am not sure which APK got screwed up during my firmware editing but that gives me some places to look. I don't own this unit so I don't have a way to test what I cook.

I will make a derivation release. Thanks also for confirming that the stock it is based off of works. That also helps much!

Kind Regards, a hopefully fixed version will come soon.


[ROM] Top Notch Tablets - Cube U20GT-WS - Firmware Release 1c

Uploading a new "1b" version now.

[ROM] Top Notch Tablets - Cube U20GT-WS - Firmware Release 1c

Firmware will be ready for download in about 20 minutes from the time of the writing of this post. If someone doesn't mind giving it a go it would be nice :) . I think I found the issue. Cube did something odd with this firmware that I think requires onetimeinitializer.apk to be in place and working. I usually disable onetimeinitializer. It is re-enabled and I am hoping that fixes it. If not, I am a bit stumped.



[ROM] Top Notch Tablets - Cube U20GT-WS - Firmware Release 1c

Hello Roman!
I successfully flashed your firmware on my u20gt, but the wifi is not working. Can't turn it on.

edit: nevermind, now I changed to Cubex rom
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[ROM] Top Notch Tablets - Cube U20GT-WS - Firmware Release 1c

WiFi isn't working? That is very odd as I don't change anything that should affect wifi. My guess is the permissions files being added in are causing issues. Can someone that owns this device flash the TNT Rom and confirm the Wifi is not working and then flash the stock rom it is based on and confirm that it is?

Sorry, hard to develop for units you don't own so I am relying on you all for a bit of testing.



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