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MK808 Android TV Stick + Measy RC12 Remote - Brief Review

For those who hate reading... Get the MK808, it's great... Avoid the Measy R12 remote like the plague... it is awful...

MK808 - Decent WiFi (not as good as I was hoping, my TV is close to my Router) but it is on par with most 7" tablets. Good enough and it IS fast as long as you have a strong signal. That aside, I love the rest of the device! Fantastic! Picture quality is great, sound quality is good, performance is good, boots fast, good all around! I am working on TNT firmware for it right now.

R12 Remote - meh... sporadically bad experience that has been getting worse all evening... For the record... FRESH BATTERIES and Line of Site to the usb dongle which is about 6 feet away. Sometimes the mouse pad doesn't work, most of the time it does. The biggest problem has been the buttons/keys. The feel great to press and have a nice "click" to them (not loud but you can feel it) which would make you think that it would be easy to type on and use.... WRONG... You lightly hit a letter key and it presses that key like 6 times.... Very bad when you have a word with double letters... for example you want to type:


but instead you get:



The arrow keys (which are very useful for navigating android... but then not becuase of this issue) are likewise affected making it hard to navigate.

I couldn't find a single bloody review (aside from the typical chinese BS which isn't a review but just a promotion for so I thought I would be helpful and tell folks to avoid it like the plague :) .

Now I am trying to source another wireless qwerty remote/mouse for us to sell with the MK808.

Had a different experience with the Measy R12? Please share!



MK808 Android TV Stick + Measy RC12 Remote - Brief Review

It's a shame about the remote. It's a really decent size and layout.

I just received the stick and remote and will let you know if my experience is similar, or if you got a bad remote.

MK808 Android TV Stick + Measy RC12 Remote - Brief Review

I just got the Rii Mini I8 (well, another clone of it at least) and it is pretty much incredibly awesomely perfect :) . Well worth the extra $5 or $10 as it well... works :)

MK808 Android TV Stick + Measy RC12 Remote - Brief Review

I bought this RC12 Wireless Fly Mouse with a MK802 TV stick.
Like many user of the RC12, I experienced a lot of troubles with the wireless keyboard/mouse. In few words, it is not usable at all, if you plug the usb receiver directly in the USB port of the TV stick.

To work properly, the RC12 wireless fly mouse MUST be connected to the android TV stick with an USB extension cable of at least 1,5m, keeping it away from the TV stick, in order to avoid RF interference from wifi module of the stik.

I assure this solution solves all the issues and, let me say, the RC12 is a good wireless remote!:baffle:

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