Ainol Novo7 Tornado Firmawares 518 - 526 - 619

Since there has been many comments on Mr. Bunanson's post about new firmware 4.0.4 and some of them say that G-sensor does not work properly I've started to upload all the previous firmware releases so, if any of us have any kind of problems with any Rom we can change to another one without a problem, this are the ones I've found so far, when I find more I'll upload them and update the info. I hope this help you, the one I'm using is 518 and works like a charm for me. ** ** Here is the link for the folder that contains the zip files for the Roms ** Rom 518 has to be unzipped onto SD card's Root directory. ** Rom 526 is Feyu's custom Rom, is pre-Rooted and just has to be copied to any directory in the SD card as it is. ** Rom 619 (link says 618 but it actually is 619) has to be uncompressed to any directory in the SD card. I believe this Rom does not has pre-installed any apps like the chinese ones and Google Play but beside that there shouldn't be any problems. ** The way to install any of them is mostly the same, it only changes in Rom 518 because since it is on SD card's root, the Recovery mode finds it automatically and starts the installation by itself, for the other Roms you have to navigate through the Recovery menu (hardware Volume keys +/- for up/down and home key for Enter) and find the zip file. I recommend using a 2gb SD card and not have more than one Rom each time but is up to you, I've use a 8gb SD card and it worked just fine. ** is a Kernel that's supposed to fix some touchscreen issues and improve sensitivity and accuracy. It's applied the same way than a Rom, copy the zip file to any directory on the SD card and apply it through Recovery mode. ** As far as I know there are only two more Roms besides the ones in this post and 4.0.4 (510 and 630 or something like that). Like I said, when I find more Roms I'll update this post. *** See ya'll. *** All links are uploaded by me so if you experience any problems downloading just lemme know and I'll fix it. :D ****
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Ainol Novo7 Tornado Firmawares 518 - 526 - 619

hi i like your post and i need the files but the link is break if u can upload a new one please and thanks you so much

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