PD10 Freelander (Spanish Forum)

[COLOR=#333333]hello, I have also bought the PD10 Freelander, I found this post by chance on google ...

I will be attentive to your comments ...

I for my part I have my post about her in Spanish (I am Spanish) HTCMania


everybody are wellcome


PD10 Freelander (Spanish Forum)

Thank you for the link, it has a vast of information. I noticed one of the poster has some problems with googleplay and some other apps; he is using lcd.density 120. I am afraid that is the source of his problem. He should go back to 240 and try, maybe he said he already did. Again, that link is full of info, thanks again,

I tried to register but the registration requires a cellphone number (?) ; well, I guess I will stay as a lurker :)

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