Vitalasc ST0916

I killed my Vitalasc ST0916 (9.7" screen) when trying to manually root it (flashing a customized system image). The backups I made with rkflashkit somehow didn't work and eventually I corrupted the entire thing. I couldn't find stock Vitalasc firmware anywhere.

The Vitalasc ST0916 is is a pretty nice Rockchip 3066 tablet that no other person on earth seems to own, but I'm posting about it here anyway. :)

I was able to replace the firmware using RkBatchTool and a Ployer 2 image from here --

Here's what doesn't work:
- The speaker setup is inverted (?) - I only get the external speakers working if I have headphones plugged in! The headphones do nothing...
- The front camera is dead and attempts to use it crash the camera app.
- The wifi signal seems weak, but it is working.

All of which I prefer to having a dead tablet or spending the rest of my life hunting firmware. I was able to root it using ROOT_icood70pro which you can download here - ... not that I have found any real point in rooting it, other than removing the Chinese software it comes with (I can't read Chinese... I don't know what a Ployer is either).

A few other firmwares installed and launched, but didn't recognize the touch screen. I could list all the ones I tried if anyone cares...


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