[ROM] Decontaminated V3.1 (01/27/13)

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USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. By running this firmware, you agree that there is the possibility that you may brick your device. You agree that only you are responsible and no one else is responsible for supporting you if that occurs. (although the community is great at providing help to you!)Acknowledgments
Thanks to the skilled work of fun_ Rockchip tablets now have a recovery that can flash the boot.img and kernel.
fun_ site for more information http://androtab.info
What is it?

This ROM / Firmware is based from the Pipo stock firmware. It has volume and screenshot controls on the status bar. I will be making mods to attempt to make sure all features work on all supported RK3066 tablets. I will also be making tweeks to attempt to improve system performance.
To Do:

How to install Decontaminate

  1. You must have a ClockWorkMod recovery that is capable of flashing boot.img ( on this site or from fun_'s site http://androtab.info)
  2. Put on root of external SdCard
  3. In CWM wipe data/factory reset
  4. In advanced menu wipe dalvik cache
  5. From main menu select install zip from sdcard
  6. Select choose zip from external sdcard
  7. Process takes ~10 minutes
  8. It will say complete but is not complete until it returns to menu...patience
  9. When returned to menu select go back
  10. select reboot system now.


Rom http://flashmyandroid.mediafire.com/?23uixfhfwc58dV3.0
New Base – update_DS973H_PIPO_M2_20121108.img
Added CIFS support
Autoload all .ko files in /modules folder on boot

V2.4Added init.d support
Added 4.2 apps
V2.3Minor changes to make compatible with MK808
V2.2Build.propfix so we can find the games we can now play
V2.1Gamelof tFix - Credit to Christian Troy for the patch! Christian accepts donations here!V2.0New base PIPOM23G_120924 -OFFICIAL Base
V1.5Improved battery savingsFaster wifi speedsImproved overall performanceImproved steaming video
Google earth location fixedMD5checksum txt file addedV1.4
Fixed google voice search

Update to PIPO_M1_20120828 - OFFICIAL Base

Fixed SDcard permissions
V1.1Added Back Stock Gallery because it contains cameraRemoved stock widgets from Launcher workspaceAdFree includedFixed Permissions for multitouchMarket permission fixMarket Build.prop fixSlowed WIFI scan to save batteryV1.0

Initial Release
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