Momo 12 - RKBatchTool Will Not Recognize Tablet


I have a Ployer Momo 12 that is running the original firmware (4.1.1). It has become unstable (services stopping, storage not being recognized), and I would like to update the firmware to roman2025's TNT_R3.

I have downloaded the RKBatchTool 1.5 and installed the driver. I then connect it to the PC and put it in Flash Update mode (vol-, power). It is recognized by the PC and shows up in the Device Manager. The RKBatchTool will not recognize the tablet. I have also tried v1.7 of the RKBatchTool and v3.5 of the driver with no success.

If I continue to hold the vol- and power buttons after it is recognized by the PC, it then disconnects. It will also disconnect after 2 - 3 minutes of inactivity.

Any suggestions, tips or tricks are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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