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Hi guys,
So I've had my Onda V972 for a while and it has never ceased to annoy me how terrible the firmware is. So for some time I patiently waited for cyanogenmod to create a mod for it. And so finally they did. I'm not a very tech savvy person and so when i downloaded the appropriate drivers and booted the screen driver didn't work. So I asked the maker what to do, and he directed me to the "livesuite" and I have no idea what to do.
This is my question to him
sorry in advance if this has already been asked, but I installed all of the drivers onto my Onda V972. But the screen driver did not appear to be working? As a result, my tablet will be a brick without an OTG cable + a mouse. Anyone got any ideas? Anyone had the same problem?
Thanks in advance."

This is his response
You have to flash the stock 2.0 with livesuit to fix the bootloader."
Help please.
Thanks in advance :D

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