Sample some of the fine work of our newest developers.

FMA Training Wall of Fame

Congratulations to all FMA members who have completed the Basic Development Training. This thread is to post links to the work of our in-house development team.

Members are encouraged to thank developers for their work and provide links to the forum where the ROMs are posted........

I would like to start this off with a nod to member katch. All the hard work you have done with the other members in the Sumvision development forums deserves the thanks of many members.

Your ROM: shows tremendous potential, and is a worthy addition to FMA. Again thanks to you and the whole team who have been working together to improve tablets for all members.

BTW katch, you need only ask to upgrade your member id to developer........

FMA Training Wall of Fame

Hejira, I can't very well leave you out of the beginning of this thread. Without you the Sumvision threads probably wouldn't even exist. You have the thanks of FMA and all of the Sumvision tablet owners out there.

I can't just name a single ROM thread for you. Your work is a big part of the whole category for these tablets:

FMA Training Wall of Fame

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This is a great thread!

Developer stephencapes -- iRulu - AS107 Tablet - Stock and Mod Firmware

Thank you to all for contributions!

FMA Training Wall of Fame

I also would like to say thank-you to Katch as well as all the other brave souls (dopey gits that semi bricked their tabs) without whom I probably would have just settled for having a backup of my tab and maybe a personal rom. I've learn't so much from others problems LOL.

I'd like to share a PM and My Reply to it as I feel it sums up the general attitude I have experienced here from users and my attitude in general.


I just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me with my tablet. You are a very clever person and there are so many people around the world that can learn so much from you.

Thanks for giving me the time and patience with my rooting issues.

You are more than welcome, I walk on the shoulders of Giants, if it wasn't for people much smarter than me sharing I would know nothing!

It seems to get lost in this commercial world but the Internet was created to share info and I for one am glad that there are still users that believe in this principle.



It goes without saying a big Thank-you to Tab_Modder and all those willing to share their knowledge with people like myself who maybe have the ability but just don't know where to start or what is good information in a world of information overload.

Edit: This maybe isn't the best place for this post feel free to move

Reply: This thread is dedicated to you and others like you who wish to learn and experiment and help each other, without reward. This is the perfect place for your reply....Dansplans
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