[RECOVERY] ClockWorkMod v6.0.2.7 (01/27/13)

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USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. By running this firmware, you agree that there is the possibility that you may brick your device. You agree that only you are responsible and no one else is responsible for supporting you if that occurs. (although the community is great at providing help to you!)

Thanks to the skilled work of fun_ Rockchip tablets now have a recovery that can flash the boot.img and kernel.
fun_ site for more information http://androtab.infoInstallation if you already have a different version of ClockWorkMod

  1. Download CWM for your tablet here http://flashmyandroid.mediafire.com/?1gci1nbk2f4g5
  2. Put on root of external SdCard
  3. In CWM select install zip from sdcard
  4. Select choose zip from external sdcard
  5. Process takes ~2 minutes
  6. It will say complete but is not complete until it returns to menu...patience
  7. When returned to menu select go back
  8. select reboot system now.

Installation with RKAndroidTool
  1. Shutdown your tablet
  2. Download CWM for your tablet here http://flashmyandroid.mediafire.com/?0bb7dd1au7o4b
  3. Unzip to your desktop
  4. Run RKAndroidtool.exe from the folder you extracted on your desktop
  5. Enter flashmode on your tablet and insert usb cable.
  6. Click Flash ROM
  7. When complete it will boot into CWM
  8. select reboot system now.

[RECOVERY] ClockWorkMod v6.0.2.7 (01/27/13)

Links are broken and would this flash my Xenta tab 10-201 ?

[RECOVERY] ClockWorkMod v6.0.2.7 (01/27/13)

My bad links started to work :/ bit weird but now have the file thankyou :)

[RECOVERY] ClockWorkMod v6.0.2.7 (01/27/13)

How to boot to flash mode??

[RECOVERY] ClockWorkMod v6.0.2.7 (01/27/13)

tried this for cherry m-1038 flashed with tool and when complete got a blank screen ,anyone please

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