PiPo S1 Pro - TNT Release 1

Top Notch Tablets Release 1 for the PiPo S1 Pro!

- built on latest stock firmware dated 20131213 (update #50)
- Removed all bloat!
- Improved launcher (Perfect Launcher 1.1.0) for ultra-smooth performance
- Improved Google Keyboard now w/ Swipe functionality and English Dictionary mod
- Added ES File Explorer
- Westernized (english and clock changes)
- Rooted
- build.prop updated / mirrors Galaxy SIII for better play store results
- Cleaned up boot animation
- Changed default background (in retrospect the background is to bright for the sub-par TFT panel on the S1 Pro)
- Set default homepage in Browser app to our Advert page and TNT Search Engine (driven by Google) - feel free to change it or if you would like to help support our efforts, use it!

- Because the old launcher was removed, the default backgrounds pack went with it. If you want a different background I suggest getting an app from the play store (there are a ton of free ones). You can use gallery to set your background also if you just download an image from the web browser.
- Launcher settings can be found and customized by opening up app drawer --> Upper-Right-hand corner (button that is three stacked dots) --> Perfect Settings




PiPo S1 Pro - TNT Release 1

Thanks for your input, some screenshots will be appreciated that such and battery performance?

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