[ROM] Top Notch Tablets - Yuandao N80 RK - Firmware Release 1

-Based on stock Firmware (0420)
-Build.prop modded
-cleaned (removed chinese junk, changed language, set timezone)
-App Partition is 2 Gb (same as stock)
-Removed Yuandao launcher and installed stock Jelly Bean 4.1 launcher... should be smoother
-Removed and updated keyboard and dictionary to Jelly Bean 4.1 keyboard/dictionary
-Updated (from other TNT releases) several apps and added them (ES File Explorer, SuperSu, Google Music, and several others).
-Supersmooth/fast pure Android 4.1 experience :)
-Changed boot animation
-set default browser start page and Top Notch Tablets paid search. If you hate it, you can change it, but using it is a great way to help support my firmware modding efforts :)
-Changed background to TNT Logo'd image (I use pretty HD backgrounds though :) ...)

Been testing this rom and everything seems stable and smooth. First boot takes quite a while. Subsequent boots are quick.

Go To http://www.rockchipfirmware.com and search for "N80" in the model field of the Firmware search page. It should come right up.

Kind Regards,


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