[ROM] Top Notch Tablets - PiPo Movie M3 (wifi ver. 2nd gen) Release 3

Built on 12/22 stock firmware. Extremely smooth and stable running rom!
Changes Made vs. Stock
-Expanded app partition to 2 GB
-Build.prop mod for improved market (based on GT-i9300 Samsung SGS III)
-Removed useless apps
-Added root explorer, superSu, videoediter, gallery with picasa support, sweet Asus weather widget, docs2go, ESfile Explorer, Genie Widget, english dictionary fix, Signal Booster
-Improved launcher (SO MUCH SMOOTHER! Stock JB launcher that we use on our M1 releases)
-Prettier and simpler boot animation
-Left the stock ebook reader and shelf widget in the firmware per the requests of some other users!
Added init.d support
-set default browser start page and Top Notch Tablets paid search. If you hate it, you can change it, but using it is a great way to help support my firmware modding efforts :)
-Changed background to TNT Logo'd image (I use pretty HD backgrounds though :) ...)

DOWNLOAD NOW: go to http://www.rockchipfirmware.com --> firmware downloads --> use PiPo for the manufacturer and search for "m3" as the model and you will find it right quick!


[ROM] Top Notch Tablets - PiPo Movie M3 (wifi ver. 2nd gen) Release 3

Just a question, how difficult would it be to make this rom support the 3G version of this tablet ? I'm fairly new to android development so I would appreciate any tips on how to accomplish that.

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