[ROM] TNT FT 4.1 Pipo Max M9 V2 Release 1 with CWM

Pipo Max M9 RK3188 V2 version firmware. Package includes Clockwork Mod installation and Top Notch Tablets M9-V2 release 1 custom firmware. Fully rooted with a feather light touch this release is nicknamed "FT" for feathertouch.

This CWM v6.0.3.1 release is NOT compatable with V1 20130309 or V2 20130422. CWM can be found here: http://www.flashmyandroid.com/forum/showthread.php?4119-RECOVERY-Max-M9-v2-ClockWorkMod-v6-0-3-1 thanks to Hejira.

Thanks to Tab_Modder and Hejira for their tools and knowledge.

Based on Pipo M9 V2 stock firmware 20130319.

Cleaned and fully rooted with Chinese bloat completely removed.

A few games and helpful apps have been installed, and can be easily removed.

Antutu scores 17000+

Download: http://www.rockchipfirmware.com/node/137
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[ROM] TNT FT 4.1 Pipo Max M9 V2 Release 1 with CWM


Do you have an estimated time for the newest firmware release?
I saw in their official site this firmware: "PiPO M9 software_Android4.2_english version_20130506_#740".
Do you know for which version is this?

Thanks, Dansplans!

[ROM] TNT FT 4.1 Pipo Max M9 V2 Release 1 with CWM

The V2 tablet is what almost all users will have.

I am working on a CWM release for all V2 tablets running Android 4.2.2. Maybe will release this weekend.

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