Pipo S2 - Recovery / CWM

Bought the Pipo S2 on the strength of Romans review and don't regret it however a Pipo S2 recovery facility for Nandroid backups and updates is needed. (DarkRick and Roman must be very busy) so I thought it might be a good idea for someone to set up this thread and make some progress.

I've found Orange Backup app which saves and zips a Nandroid Backup to sdcard quite quickly.
Also Romdump and Ultimate Backup as other options pc based.

Next step is to set up the S2 to be able to restore Nandroid backups ;=)

Volume + key & Power button brings up Recovery Mode but there is nothing in it. I need to check the partitions to see whether Pipo have at least setup the recovery partition even if empty. I think this is the first tablet I've had with no recovery menu options which is a great shame considering.

Also need to look at RKBatchTool maybe. I don't understand why even updates have to involve complete wipe of system/reinstall. Previous tablets was able to browse to root level of external sdcard and select update zip from it. RKBatchTool has a Flash mode which maybe is worth a look. (Moborobo may also be worth looking at).

I'll update progress as and when and hopefully others will chip in so we can get it sorted together :boss:

Pipo S2 - Recovery / CWM

I've created a recovery using kernel from this: 20121123-DS803H-LOGO(PIPO)-型号S2-英文_(0308)_菲律宾.img and fun_ generic RK3066 CWM 13-02-2013 if you wish to test.


I DONOT own this tab and can't test myself but others I've created using same method are working fine.


EDIT: I should have checked fun_s site first he has already created for S2
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Pipo S2 - Recovery / CWM


I found the androtab.info site this afternoon. It looks as if you used his generic rk3066 cwm for your version..

At this stage I am pretty clueless about what is involved exactly in installing the S2 version, what it will do for me, whether it will wipe my data etc etc. But am still trying to make sense of all the info on the net.

What I am hoping is that I can flash it to the recovery partition, assuming there is one, without data loss, and then recover my Nandroid backup after flashing new stock firmware or Romans version with larger app partition. I assume Romans version which does not have CWM will not remove any CWM the fun image provides, but if it does I am guessing I can put CWM back in even if it does.Then use it to restore my Nandroid.

I have no real idea yet what a Nandroid is exactly although I now have one courtesy of Orange Backup app.

Any tips from you would be most welcome :boss:

Pipo S2 - Recovery / CWM

EDIT: I should have checked fun_s site first he has already created for S2

Thanks Hejira. Investigated androtab site more thoroughly and should be enough info there. May wait until I get new tablet as not having nandroid backup right now don"t want to lose current setup.

The pulldown on CWM was especially useful for Pipo cwm-custom

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