[ROM] Top Notch Tablets - PiPo S2 - Firmware Release 1b

Well, I have a different experience: everything seems to work fine except the front camera. Anyway, this must be due to the stock rom used because the front camera didn't work with the stock rom (2012.11.23) either. Atleast on my tablet the front camera only worked with preinstalled stock rom (2012.09.12) and thisstock rom (2012.10.22).

[quote=kgd1]Awesome!!! Everything seems to be working fine. Both cameras work. Thanks Roman for your time and work!


[ROM] Top Notch Tablets - PiPo S2 - Firmware Release 1b

That was really quick. Thanks Roman.

[ROM] Top Notch Tablets - PiPo S2 - Firmware Release 1b

Both cameras work on my Pipo. Thanks !!!!

[ROM] Top Notch Tablets - PiPo S2 - Firmware Release 1b

HI Roman,

You have really done a great job with the 1b firmware.
Both Camera's work.
Only issue is Dolphin Browser does not get pass opening screen.
I'll dump and reload to check if this is a compatibility issue.
Dolphin works on reload.. Your Browser works more smoothly..

Let me state what all us "users" feel!! Thanks for all your hard work!!!!!!!!

regards, zim
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[ROM] Top Notch Tablets - PiPo S2 - Firmware Release 1b

GameLoft Asphalt 7 works Awesome!:big_smile:

[ROM] Top Notch Tablets - PiPo S2 - Firmware Release 1b

Thanks Roman for a great ROM!!!
Please can you explain why in my S2 the fron camera is not working? This happens also with other ROMs I've tried and with which I already knew that the front camera was working ok. Could it be due to the install procedure? I follow the common installation process using RK batch tool 1.5. I put it in flash mode and I flash. After the formats and as it boots I unplug the cable and wait till it finishes. I have read somewhere that this may happen because of some problem in the camera app libraries but I don't know how to deal with it. So far the front camera works with these original Pipo ROMS : PIPO-S2_120912 and S2 update_4.1.1.
If you know how I can fix this please say so. Thanks in advance

[ROM] Top Notch Tablets - PiPo S2 - Firmware Release 1b

Unfortunately, for those having front cam issues I don't have any good advice for you :( . I am really sorry. My guess (and this is just speculation) is that PiPo might be using different camera hardware on some devices (I.E an earlier generation) and that older stock units are still being sold. So, those with new units are getting this firmware (based on newest stock firmware) and it works fine, and those with old units are getting this firmware and their front cam is going out.

I am sorry for this :( . This is all speculation. It is most likely a driver issue. If another dev wants to drop a bit of time into extracting the camera driver from the firmware listed by some users as working, they could try to see if loading that into this firmware fixes the issue. If it does, I would consider making a new firmware image for those of you with cam issues. This is a common issue with Chinese companies, they switch stuff up and don't change full model numbers. Pipo has been particularly bad about it. I, unfortunately, just don't have time to do the further testing required to determine what is broken.

Kind Regards,


[ROM] Top Notch Tablets - PiPo S2 - Firmware Release 1b

Hi ..... Newbie question if that's ok.

What are the major advantages over stock Rom? Is the app partition on Nand Flash increased to 2GB for example?

Am looking for 2 things apart from 2gb internal tablet memory space.

A Recovery image facility like CWM

With current original stock firmware I have a problem I am managing with RTB Rebooter (Fast Boot option- which is slow but more of a soft reset and enqbles my SDCard apps to mount properly and get seen by Android App Manager etc). I am hoping to discover the command line for this shortcut option which bypasses the Cpu/jellybean logo BootSplash and goes directly to the main Pipo splash and does a slow but thorough reboot which restores everything fine as long as I only use this reboot method.

Any enlightenment from you guys would be welcome ;=)

[ROM] Top Notch Tablets - PiPo S2 - Firmware Release 1b

New guy here!:boss:

Is the youtube buffering problem fixed with this version (1b)?
That is the only problem I have with the S2 atm.

My kernel is 2012-10-31

[ROM] Top Notch Tablets - PiPo S2 - Firmware Release 1b

Thanks a bunch for that!

Anyway to include a recovery with a modified rom? Or can it be flashed? That's really the missing part for me if a rom can add application space and run more smoothly.

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