[ROM] Top Notch Tablets - Cube U30GT 2 - Firmware Release 1b

Release 1b - minor update:
-Fixed "Root" issue - Root now works
-Changed default wallpaper to nice TNT branded HD one to show off display on this tablet...
-Based on stock rom (2013.03.20) v1.03
-Removed Chinese Apps
-Defaulted language to English and EST Timezone
-Added SuperSu, gallery with picasa support, ESfile Explorer, english dictionary fix
-Simplified and pretty boot animation
-Changed Annoying Keyboard Key-press sounds... now they are less annoying (based off Cyanogen sounds)
-Default Background should be changed
-Changed "browser" start page to our Google paid search. Use it (free to use for you) to search web and you will be helping to support us as we release more free firmware. Can easily change this if you want.

This is my first RK3188 Quad release. I do actually own this unit so I have tested this ROM and thus far (since the 1b update) everything seems to be working quite smoothly!

Go to: http://www.rockchipfirmware.com -->firmware -->pick your manufacturer and hit search, you will see the firmware in the list that is returned --> go to firmware page --> download firmware

Cheers and Enjoy!


[ROM] Top Notch Tablets - Cube U30GT 2 - Firmware Release 1b

Dear Roman,

Many thanks for your work: I'll try to install this firmware on my new cube tablet :-)
Shall I ask you how to proceed? Do I have to upload the zip of the firmware (1b) and reboot the tablet in download mode? If yes, how does this work on a tablet as, at contrary to a smartphone, there is no home button :-(

Any additional insight into your expertise would be more than appreciated :-) Thanks!


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