PiPo Smart S1 - Top Notch Tablets - Release 3 Firmware

thanks spiconi for help but looks like tnt 4's here so i'll wait and see which room i should flash

PiPo Smart S1 - Top Notch Tablets - Release 3 Firmware

[quote=roman2025] This release is based on the latest 11/22 release from PiPo and it works beautifully.

Change List from Stock (and from release 1):
-Fixed Build.prop for better market access (SGH-i777)
-Fixed framework.jar per dragon dev's Christian Troy's excellent advice for better Gameloft compatibility.
-PiPo fixed stock launcher, it works well now! Sticking with stock!
-Permissions fixes for improved app compatability. Didn't touch SD card permissions as those are supposed to now be fixed.
-Removed all chinese apps
-Screen does seem to be a bit clearer again, I think the launcher update helped.
-Expanded app partition to 2 GB
-Based on newer stock rom (1122)
-It is reported that MicroSD card problems should now be fixed
-Added root explorer, superSu, videoediter, gallery with picasa support, google drive, docs2go, ESfile Explorer, Genie Widget, english dictionary fix, Signal Booster, Apex launcher
-Prettier and simpler boot animation

Official Release 3 Firmware now available! Go to: http://www.topnotchtablets.com/support , then click on the "firmware" button, then click "RKbatch" RK3066 Firmware Utility, Guide, & Firmware Images" and then finally click, "Pipo Smart S1 TNT Release 3 Firmware Image" to download the firmware image.

Also, the default home page for "browser" is set to our site's custom google search. You can change this if you like, or support free firmware releases from us by using it =).

Kind Regards,


Hi Roman,

I received my Pipo Smart S1 today and I have a problem. I can hear constantly the static noise and crackle. Also, it seems that the audio card keeps turning on and off. Do you know any solution to that problem?

I have flashed the devise from manufacturer's website http://www.pipo.cn/En/index.php?m=Product&a=show4&type=2&id=233 and it works even worse?!? Don't know what to do.

Thanks for any help.

PiPo Smart S1 - Top Notch Tablets - Release 3 Firmware

rinatnaz. try this link for some thing different offer than the official rom for flashing http://www.flashmyandroid.com/forum/...ware-Release-5

PiPo Smart S1 - Top Notch Tablets - Release 3 Firmware

hi, can somebody a share direct link to tnt release 3 please, in only manage to find tnt 5 download link tnx.

PiPo Smart S1 - Top Notch Tablets - Release 3 Firmware

PipO S1 Spiderman game black suit :thumbs-up:


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