Pipo Movie M3 -OLD MOTHERBOARD- Jelly Bean TNT Release 1 Firmware
-Expanded app partition to 2 GB
-Build.prop mod for improved market (based on SGH-I777 Samsung SGS II which has the closest chipset to the RK3066)
-Permissions modification for improved market
-Removed useless apps
-Added root explorer, superSu, videoediter, gallery with picasa support, sweet Asus weather widget, docs2go, ESfile Explorer, Genie Widget, english dictionary fix, Signal Booster
-Improved launcher (SO MUCH SMOOTHER! Stock JB launcher that we use on our M1 releases)
-Prettier and simpler boot animation
-Left the stock ebook reader and shelf widget in the firmware per the requests of some other users!
-Based on stock rom (0830)


Official Release 1 Firmware now available! Go to: http://www.topnotchtablets.com/support , then click on the "firmware" button, then click "RKbatch" RK3066 Firmware Utility, Guide, & Firmware Images" and then finally click, "Pipo Movie M3 -OLD MOTHERBOARD- Jelly Bean TNT Release 1 Firmware Image" to download the firmware image.

Flash normally (instructions and tools are on the page).



Please forgive me for hijacking this post, but there does not appear to be an option for me to post on the forum.
I have a new Pipo M3 which has a couple of problems. When I received it a couple of days ago it worked fine, apart from the the sound from the speakers which is louder from the right hand compared to the left which you can hardly hear. When using the headphones the sound balanced is OK.
Today I turned the Pipo on and strangely the screen is locked and I can find nothing to unlock it. Unless the touch screen has stopped working. I have contacted Pipo but they are not replying. Can anyone help solve these issues please.

I have tried to reset but it made no difference.
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