PiPo Max M1 Firmware - TNT Release 3

[quote=nickhickchick]I followed all the instructions on the support page (great page by the way very helpful) I got as far as the rkbatch tool app with the green box. But didn't have the pipo_m1_jb_TNT_R1.img file? Did I open it wrong or lose it in unzipping ( I did it twice to make sure it was right) Is there anyway I can download the file and add it in to my folder, so I can complete the prosess[/quote]

I would assume you would wish to use the latest release, TNT R4, rather than R1.

Make you you have unzippped or unrarred your new firmware. Click on the .... on the right while using the rkbatch tool, and select the new firmware from the location that holds the uncompressed firmware. Choose restore, not upgrade.
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PiPo Max M1 Firmware - TNT Release 3

The firmwarre download link seem to be broken???

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