[ROOT] Guide


Nobody answered but i found the way! So if you have Nextway f8 with the mentioned parameter then just follow the instructions here:


Moborobo + Superoneclick. Only 5-10 minutes and my device ROOTED!


[ROOT] Guide

Here again.

Unfortunatelly this method (http://androidonpc.com/rockchip-rk3066-root-procedure/) not working because after root test my device was not rooted.

but this is 100% working: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2049228

so to get root access NEXTWAY F8 same as Window N90 Dual Core.

after this process the root test result:


[ROOT] Guide

Hi guys. I have a PiPo Smart S1 which I've managed to root. Im trying to install CWM with zero success. I've tried to DL the relative CWM.zip file and install via the "rename to update.zip and place at root" method and all I get is the "invalid file" message. I'm kinda new to all this, and using the root shell method seems a bit above me at the mo. Trying to use RKAndroidTool, but all I can see is a bunch of boxes and buttons with question marks. Is there any more detailed info on how to get CWM onto my S1? Sorry for the noobishness of this post, it is my first outing with tablet modding

[ROOT] Guide

Guide for CWM ([COLOR=#333333]v6.0.2.7):[/COLOR]

1. Download CWM from link below
2. Connect your tablet
3. Run RKAndroidTool.exe
4. Click on Reboot to Flash Mode
5. Click on Flash ROM
6. Wait untill it finish and click on reboot system now in CWM

Download CWM - http://www.mediafire.com/?h6i7g2b1yo2nz1y

Pipo Smart S1


Tip - to enter flash mode power off your device, hold down vol- and plug in usb

[ROOT] Guide

Thanks Jack:
I'm still pretty clumsy with my new PiPO S2, but I followed your procedure (with some difficulty - I didn't see the link to ZhuoDaShi-2.2.0 until I finally hit the "show more" for the description and didn't really know what screen you were showing with the icon. THat's the icon that looks a bit like a Charlie Chaplin snowman! Duh! Got a bit confused over whether I should be running the installed APK on the S2 or the program on the PC. Later, realised it had to be the PC ZhuoDaShi. Didn't seem to work for two or three tries, but I'm left with the impression I may have hit one or two incorrect buttons, not being a reader of Chinese. Anyway, finally rooted the S2. When I first went to the MoboRobo site, I got a dire warning from my Webroot anti-malware program. Finally pressed on and afterwards checked for malware - didn't find any. It does leave me wondering why software like MotoRobo in particular, which is pretty sophisticated, and ZhuoDaShi should be available for free? Have you any thoughts on that?
Anyway, thanks for the YouTube guide. It's gold for newbies like myself. Don't ever think you are explaining in too much detail. It's amazing how details that you take for granted or see as obvious can trip up newbies (and oldies) like myself.
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[ROOT] Guide

Thank you!! Successfuly rooted my Pipo S2 using the guide in the first (jack parker) and second (ianvarivs) pages =)
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[ROOT] Guide

hello. i have been trying to root my droid tablet and have been having no luck.
heres what i have.

android 4.2.2
i believe its jellybean

any advice or tips would help.
i have downloaded the the cwm and it recognizes the device but when i hit the reboot to flash button, an error pops up saying "device cannot do flash mode because of no drive"
any help would be much appreciated. thank you

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