Accessibility missing in MK818B

Hello.I am blind and am trying to use an MK818B device. This device identifies itself as being an MK818B both in connection to the PC and on its own screen, identifies itself as having JB 4.2.2, and seems to work fine except for the fact that the accessibility app in settings is missing. That is, on all the Android devices I have worked with, I have gone to settings, then to accessibility, to turn on the screen reader, Talkback, and the braille display program, Brailleback. I am unable to find accessibility in this device's ROM.First, I'd like to know what has been done to this ROM as to the removal of accessibility. Is the icon hidden or is it the entire service which has been chopped out? Secondly, I have an update.img file for the unit. How difficult would it be to extract this image, bake in the accessibility service, and then put the ROM on the device again? Could anyone be good enough to point me to a place where instructions for this are available focussed on the RK3066 devices?Thanks.

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