anyone know good settings build.prop and other settings for U23gt / gts devices

okies I would like to get the sims freeplay working but that does not seem to be in the cards or maybe I'm just not changing enough since it seems like the sims freeplay sends back more data then just the build.prop file info that were supposed to change. But even if I cannot get the sims freeplay running I would like good mods that will allow me great compatabillity otherwise. right now it's being recognized as a sgh-t989, but the sims dun work. If anyone knows what I have to do to get the sims freeplay to work that would be great, however if not good settings would be great to know my device is rooted but I don't have a custom firmware yet, btw how can I backup the firmware I have on there right now before I mess things up too much, because it seems like I can't get a hold of the original firmware, device is rooted and has super-su installed (free version) and right now the tablet is working i.e. I have not messed up too much yet. I would like to back it up then try to install swipe and then replace the dictionary and keyboard with root explorer (is that doable without custom firmware directly on the device?) I did backup my build.prop so I can put that back in place and then backup the rooted tablets firmware before I go any further.
this way maybe I'll be able to restore it with the rk software in case I mess up.
PS: anyone have the sims running on any cheap tablet device that is decently powered, or any other rk3066 device with the same screen resolution it's supposedly 1024*768. anyways if necessary, i.e. it's not doable on this device I'll keep this one and buy one for my gf, if any of you know of a less than US $160 device that for sure runs the latest version of the sims free play needs at least 7" screen though my gf can't type on phone size screens for some reason. dunno why she typos worse than me and hates it though I dun mind typos lol.

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