restore original firmware?

I have a defect unit that I need to send back. I have installed Decontaminated V3.0 (11/23/12).

How do I restore the originalfirmware so I can send this unit back?

restore original firmware?

Hi I'm guessing you would use RKBatchTools. I search that up on Google see what you find.
Just curious, what was defective on your m3?

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restore original firmware?

You can make use of the RKBatchTool (English version), which you can download from TopNotchTablets. You should follow the incredible set of directions they provide in order to flash back the stock firmware. You can download the stock firmware for your device directly from the manufacturer's website ( be aware that clicking on the Union Jack flag will give you site in English. Once you get to the download site (the files are not hosted by PiPo) you may need to Google Translate the page to find the proper Download button.

If you have done a successful flash before you should have no problems getting the tablet back to "stock" using the manufacturer's firmware and the RKBT linked above. You will, however, want to make sure that you are pulling down the correct firmware for your specific device (don't get the M3 3G firmware for your non-3G M3, for instance).

restore original firmware?

Allanio: I have some problem with the screen digitizer. The tablet thinks I'm pressing the screen on one place wich I'm not. So the screen been acting crazy.

Hmm I cant enter flashmode? Is it because I have installed cwm? I tried volume + and then press reset bottom on the back side but nothing happens

restore original firmware?

never mind i managed to enter flashmode and I'm back on original! Thanks alot!

restore original firmware?

how did you get into flash mode

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