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Octa Core phone---KINGZONE K1 5.5 Inch HD!

Long term capture foreign high-end market this year a high-profile return to the domestic market of KINGZONE mobile phone. KINGZONE K1 with octa core processor, and configuration of the new mobile phone version of Android 4.3.9 Ali cloud system, in the continuation of KINGZONE mobile phone consistent fashion, texture style line, the overall appearance of lines more distinct, full texture, low-key luxury without loss of meaning, noble and elegant and fashionable mobile phone, and the Royal identity as the match. Now in prcfrog's promotional price for $221.99. Welcome to buy.


KINGZONE K1 and before the introduction and comparison selling KINGZONE mobile phone, the mobile phone memory upgrade from 8G to 16G, but also the implantation of the GPS+AGPS and global navigation satellite system, can meet the needs of car owners demand for mobile phone users, intelligent navigation and positioning in addition, upgrade Yamaha sound the horn and gesture sensing technology also makes KINGZONE K1 mobile phone and mobile phone more out of the ordinary, the biggest bright spot in the exclusive NFC wireless communication technology and the latest development and wireless charging technology, the embedded chip technology to overcome a problem of mobile charge. The titanium aluminum alloy body, also let it in the current brand of most of the plastic shell of talent showing itself.
Since, KINGZONE mobile phone in the image of their superior quality and win the majority of mobile phone users sought after, KINGZONE K1 also continue to maintain this advantage. The rear camera front facing camera, 8MP+14MP is able to meet the demand for 360 degrees without dead angle HD picture photography gens. In addition, KINGZONE K1 is used in the resolution of the 1920*1080 FHD 5.5 inch high-definition IPS display, can bring full HD, as users a wide angle of audio-visual feast. Don't hesitate, come to to buy.:happy-times-smiley-

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