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Hot cell phone---INew V3 or Elephone P10C!

Head to go with the [SIZE=4]iNew V3, the Elephone P10C is slimmer at 5.8 mm and thus the slimest mid-range Smart phone available. Components is about the same with Quad Primary Processer mt6582, 1 GB RAM and 8 GB Inner Storage. Efficiency level with other mid-range mobile mobile phones, antutu ratings about 16000 to 17000 points. The P10 is also prepared with a 720p High Meaning Display and operates Android working system 4.4 KitKat in comparison to Android working system 4.2 in the iNew V3. Although it is suitable with MIUI, Color and Lewa version Operating Systems.And iNew V3 is $162.99 and the price of Elehone P10C is $120.99,there are all available on prcfrog.[/SIZE]Image

Furthermore, the P10C is also prepared with Double cameras, a 13 mega-pixel back digicam which facilitates 1080p videos and a 2.0 mega-pixel front experiencing digicam. Beneath is a moderate 1950mAh built in battery power which is only partially bigger than battery power with iNew V3. The P10 just like INEW V3 facilitates Double Sim and 3G connection up to HSDPA+ rates of speed.

Other significant features include, USB OTG Support, Action, Area Function and Compass which are all present on the previous INew. Unfortunately, NFC is missing. It’s not a chance that the P10 is in contrast to the iNew V3, as the designs are identical, obviously Elephone is also enclosed in having the slimest smartphone available in the marketplace. Construction is mainly plastic, with steel structure, and a skinny unibody style.
Overall, the Elephone P10C is a good option to the iNew V3, it definitely is successful in falling the V3 in the Width Classification. The P10C is now considered as the slimest price range Smart phone in the marketplace. In terms of performance, there’s really not much difference between them as they both have identical requirements. Similar style and appearance, one would call the P10C an update of the V3. Part by side, it’s easy to get lost which one is which. However, the P10 does be successful in other factors, namely, it’s less expensive than the iNew V3 and although not that significant, has a partially bigger battery power. Although both the mobile phones does have some issues, namely, the moderate battery power is not enough for busy users as well as the non detachable battery power is a real turn off especially given the small 1950mAh battery power underneath. But still, the price as well as more than captivates those wanting a very thin Smart phone that fits the price range.

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