[ROM] Yuandao N90 II (CZ) Firmware - TNT Release 5

Here at last... TNT R5 for the Yuandao N90 II CZ. Enjoy!

-Based on newer stock rom (Yuandao 01.10.2013 CZ)
-App partition still 2 GB
-Same Build.prop mod based on SGS II SGH-i777 for improved market. Fixed some othe build.prop mistakes from previous release.
-Same Permission Files mods for improved market
-framework.jar modification for Gameloft fix for some games
-Removed useless apps
-Added, superSu, gallery with picasa support, docs2go, ESfile Explorer, english dictionary fix
-Performance is smoother than ever...
-WiFi not coming on after sleep "seems" to be fixed (FINALLY) based on testing thus far...
-Added an OTA-Update Center Application, future releases (should there be any) may have access to OTA updates from TNT!
-Boot animation stays the same
-Default browser page has been changed to our google paid search page (you can change this to whatever you want). Using this helps support us as as we continue to release more free firmware. There is now a donation link on that page (by request actually... thanksImage...) so if you feel so inclined you are welcome to donate.

Two ways to get firmware now:

Go to:http://www.rockchipfirmware.com-->firmware -->pick your manufacturer -->download firmware

Go to:http://www.topnotchtablets.com/support, then click on the "firmware" button, then click "RKbatch" RK3066 Firmware Utility, Guide, & Firmware Images" and then finally click on the firmware image you want to download.

Flash using RKbatch.



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