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Nubia Z9 Max and Nubia Z9 Mini similarities and differences

Nubia Z9 Max and Nubia Z9 Mini are in stock At SpeMall now, today, I will show you this two smartphone similarities and differences.

Nubia Z9 Max PRICE: $466.99
Nubia Z9 Mini PRICE: $288.99


Nubia Z9 Max Buying Link: http://www.spemall.com/ZTE-Nubia-Z9-Max-Octa-core-4G-LTE-Smartphone-5-5-Inch-1920-1080P-8MP-16-0MP-Dual-Camera-NFC-Snapdragon-2-0GHz-3G-RAM_g.html
Nubia Z9 Mini Buying Link: http://www.spemall.com/ZTE-nubia-Z9-mini-Octa-Core-Smartphone-GPS-8-0MP-16-0MP-Camera-OTG-5-Inch-FHD-1920x1080-pixels-2GB-16GB_g.html
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