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3GB RAM + Octa Core 64 bit processor, Jiayu S3 Advanced Pure white version in stock

Posted: Mon May 11, 2015 4:01 am
Late last year, Jiayu mobile phones officially released its first 4G smartphone - Jiayu S3, for Jiayu mobile phone, this is a landmark product, Jiayu S3 is not only their first LTE mobile phone, it also is the first running 3GB memory products, Jiayu S3 have two version, Jiayu S3 Basic and Jiayu S3 Advanced, relying on $179.99(Jiayu S3 Basic)/$199.99(Jiayu S3 Advanced) price, this products are very popular on the market!


So far, Jiayu S3 Basic and Jiayu S3 Advanced have been sold for many times, now the pure whith version Jiayu S3 Advanced finally in stock At SpeMall for the first time.


Because front and back panels are replaced by white color, compared to black version, Jiayu S3 Advanced white version look more fashionable, silver side under the white body, it look amazing. But the core specification is the same, it is still MT6752 octa core processors, 5.5 inch 1080P screen, and it is built-in 5.0 megapixel front camera and 13.0 megapixel (IMX214) camera, and 3000 mah battery configuration, it has a more comprehensive function and sensor, running Android 4.4 customization system, it can support dual standby 4G dual sim card.


Jiayu S3 Advanced pure white version price is only $199.99 At SpeMall, welcome to order from us!

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