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Xiaomi Mi Weighting Scale In stock in stock for immediate shipment

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2015 4:03 am
Xiaomi Mi Weighting Scale support bluetooth 4.0, it can connect to smart phones (Android 4.4 system, iOS 7 and above system), weighing range is 5 kg to 150 kg.

According to introducing, Xiaomi Mi Weighting Scale precision is up to 100 grams, using the super white toughened glass panels, the embedded display screen 161 LED lights, it support jin/kg/pound different unit of measurement, it can support at most 16 people used at the same time.

Xiaomi Mi Weighting Scale can be connected with Xiaomi sports App, which is convenient to check the data anytime and anywhere, the curve of the body change record, it clearly see their transformation process. According to BMI (body mass index) to do fitness program and diet adjustment. Every time weighing will be stored in scale chip, it is up to 800.

Like other Xiaomi smart devices, Xiaomi Mi Weighting Scale can also bring more better experience through the firmware upgrade. Open Xiaomi sports App, using mobile phones near the scales, it can synchronize your personal data or upgrade the firmware. Wireless connection scheme used low power consumption bluetooth 4.0, 4 AA batteries can be used for one year. Every day is a new opportunity, Xiaomi Mi Weighting Scale make measuring weight become the driving force of more confident every day.

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