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Cube U100GT iWork10 Unboxing evaluating and Video !!

[COLOR=#ff0000]Cube U100GT iWork10 come out for some time now, is a 10.1 -inch full-view tablet. Using Baytrail - T 1.8 GHz Intel quad-core processors, with 2 gb DDR3L memory and 32gb storage space, the double closed built-in sound cavity, supports HDMI output / 3 g plugins, whole body is only 6.9 mm ; Official also supporting the leather keyboard, feel very special.[/COLOR]Image

But actually how about the Cube U100GT iWork10 ? Below are the unboxing and Open the machine videos, share to everyone !

Unboxing video:


Open machine video:


Watching above videos, if somebody interested in it , can see more details and buy it from Spemall, in stock for immediate shipment ! Welcome !!

Buying link: http://www.spemall.com/Cube-U100GT-iWork10-Quad-Core-Tablet-PC-Intel-Atom-Z3740D-10-1-inch-IPS-10-Points-Windows-8-1-Dual-Camera-Bluetooth-HDMI-OTG-2GB-32GB-2_g.html
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