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RK3188 Teclast P11HD Quad Core Tablet PC, 10.1 Inch Retina Screen

As China famous brand, Teclast have launched a new 10.1 -inch tablet P11HD Quad Core recently, the machine USES the current 10.1 -inch the highest specifications retina screen, resolution reached up to 1920×1200, 16:10 proportion screen is the gold size of movie video,[COLOR=#ff0000]Teclast P11HD Tablet PC[/COLOR]is built-in RK3188 quad-core processor, main frequency reached up to 1.6 GHz, front 2.0 million pixels and rear 5.0 million pixels autofocus camera, it also support flash and bluetooth, eMMC storage make the system running is more stable, the integration of metal thickness is only 8.5 mm, super narrow bezel design brings good grip, the appearance is more beautiful and delicate.


[b]Leading 28 nm process, RK3188 quad-core 1.6 GHz


Teclast P11HD Quad Core used international advanced 28 nm technology, compared with 40 nm process, power consumption is greatly reduced, which can reduce the power consumption by more than 20% in equal frequency, performance increases more than 55%, the battery life is longer. Quad-core A9 architecture dominant frequency is as high as 1.6 GHz, browsing the web and running game software is more quickly and faster. Built in as many as quad core Mali400, Mali400 is one of the best GPU in top smartphone and tablet, powerful operation ability and perfect compatibility allows you to easily chang to play all kinds of android game!

[b]10.1 inch retina screen, shock visual enjoyment!


Teclast P11HD Quad Core used the current highest specification 10.1 -inch IPS screen, resolution reached up to 1920 x 1200, which is also the best display effect of the screen, 16:10 screen ratio is the gold size for film video, and it have excellent software game compatibility, 10.1 -inch retina screen make each text displays is more delicate, the image details is rich, the game is more vivid, you can experience unprecedented visual shock!

[b]8.5 mm fuselage, ultra narrow border!


Teclast P11HD invited the top international industrial designers to participate in product design, integration design concept can be incorporated into this tablet, the advanced manufacturing process makes the thin special streamlined metal fuselage. Best products focus on every detail, P11HD Quad Core without using a screw one integrated mass, its thickness is only 8.5 mm, it is now one of the most thinnest screen tablet, it is far more than the similar size of more than 10 mm thickness body, accord with human body engineering streamlined appearance, and ultra narrow edge design, it has the best grip!

[b]Front 2.0 megapixels autofocus camera, rear 2.0 megapixels support flash photography!

Image[b][COLOR=#ff0000]Teclast P11HD
[/COLOR]Quad Core is equipped with front 2.0 megapixels + rear 5.0 megapixels high definition camera, rear camera support AF function, it also support the rear flash photography, which can also take clear and bright pictures in dark environment, you can capture every moment! Whether scanning two-dimensional code, record video, photograph, you can easily record everything in your life. Through SKYPE or other chat software is easy to start video chat, combined with the network function, you can close contact with family and friends anytime and anywhere.[/b][/b][/b][/b][/b]
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