USB Charging?

The PiPO MAX M1 can't be charged via the micro USB ports and must use the DC adapter. Since the DC adapter is 5V and USB is 5V I am a bit confused why they just didn't make the one of the micro USB ports the charging point? I know USB devices are supposed to be intelligent and connect initially in low power mode and then communicate their current requirements to the host, which would then permit the device to switch into high-power mode. I expect there is no such circuitry on the DC input on the PiPO, however lots of non-compliant USB devices (lights, fans, coffee warmers etc) just have power pins connected and just draw power from the USB host.
Has anyone butchered the power cable & a USB cable to charge it this way or has anyone taken thier PiPO apart and made any internal modifications to get it to charge from the USB port?
I know my wife will loose the DC adapter....


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