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Pipo Stock Firmware

[quote=Sinnesteuer]Wow...the folks over at PiPO have been churning out firmwares and messing around with their firmware links.

I am not from Pipo! : ) I just own a Pipo M2 and wanted to post the update! I wrote "we" intending "we Pipo M2 users".

Pipo Stock Firmware

[quote=lazyboy00]I am not from Pipo! : ) I just own a Pipo M2 and wanted to post the update! I wrote "we" intending "we Pipo M2 users".[/quote]

I understand.

I was pointing out my astonishment at just how much the PiPO website has changed over the past week. I take a look over there daily, and in the past two weeks they have done a full re-vamp of all the English language content on their site, they have posted a slew of firmwares, they have released English versions of nearly all stock firmwares (minus the Chinese apps and with the OS language defaulted to English), and they have adjusted the names and download links of nearly every firmware they have to offer.

I apologize if you felt as though my comments were directed to you, or if you feel the post edit I made was in error. Perhaps I assumed too much in changing the link to the PiPO website, but the change does now point users directly to where they can download the firmware you announced for us. Thank you for the assist!

Pipo Stock Firmware

wrong post
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Pipo Stock Firmware

thanx for the link,,,nice:big_smile:

Pipo Stock Firmware

I find Firefox downloading plugin on the PC XP or Linux very fast. Down Them All is what I use. 10 times faster at least with same link! With error checking also.


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