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Would you buy tablets with brokered pricing?

Yes, I definately like this idea.
No, I don't like the idea.
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Brokered Pricing - A Retail Revolution?

[quote=tweedale]Nice idea Dansplans :welcoming:

Would this work for UK based buyers?


Credit goes to Roman for the idea. TNT UK will be offering this buying model as far as I know. Pricing will vary somewhat due to different cost inputs, but the pricing model will remain the same.

Brokered Pricing - A Retail Revolution?

Ok thanks and also to Roman for the idea.


Brokered Pricing - A Retail Revolution?


It has been working out well. I used to get complaints all the time (weekly) in my inbox from price shoppers saying WOW your price is SO much higher than XYZchinaShop.com....

I don't get any of that anymore and the prices are actually about the same for folks who are ordering Ready2GO.

The other interesting thing is that 98% of customer opt to get the Ready2GO service package which is not what I expected at all. We offered dropshipping to show that we could compete on margin (at least a little) but that ultimately our business is tied up in Quality Control and service. I am happy the market agrees :) .

I like being open and honest with the pricing, customer know pretty much where every penny of their money goes. Ready2GO can get a little fuzzy as shipping prices vary but by and large they know exactly what they are paying for. When TNT was started I was striving for accuracy and honesty in reporting tablet specs and I guess it makes sense that that was translated over to the pricing model as well.



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