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TNT and FMA thread. Hope this one works


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lets hope when Nathan logs in he can see this



I see the thread!


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Great! Nathan is now all set.

Nathan and I have a few conversations concerning FMA and TNT working together to grow both businesses.

FMA - Business model

Chuck and I are focused on long term value rather than short term revenue. Revenue generated is reinvested by purchasing devices for developers/giveaways.
Today FMA generates ~250k Pageviews/month
Our product is our content. We need to attract members/visitors and keep them coming back.
Our content is our reviews, firmware, and information that is helpful to our members/visitors.

So the question I guess is how can FMA content be of benefit to TNT. And likewise TNT to FMA.

I know Nathan has some ideas...


The obvious one I think is posting FMA articles at TNT. Nathan has been trying to get a lot more informative content and is trying to find a reviewer. It wouldn't be difficult to feed articles to TNT.TNT reviews and info feeds can be added to FMA as well.

Nathan and I have discussed making FMA the primary support/release stage for TNT. Nathan still has a lot of active threads at Slatedroid, which he can't ignore, but original content can be posted at FMA first and referred to.

I think as commercial co-operation goes we need to make sure we are selling devices with the best custom firmware and vice versa. TNT can test any number of tablet/firmware versions as the tablet market grows and changes.

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Sweet! 250k a month is where I would like to be in a year or two. Right now TNT currently pulls down about 42k pageviews a month from 11k unique visitors. That is the main site, I am not sure what the UK and CA sites pull down at present because I went in to check and realized I forgot to turn analytics back on after overhauling the sites. Anyhow, the US site is where the changes would be implemented first, the UK and CA sites will follow.

The primary boon for you all I believe, based on my discussion with Terry, was more pageviews/hits/visitors as your primary revenue base is advertising.

I think that is something we can help with, here is what I have in mind in that regards.

1. I have dropped your RSS news feed on our "articles" page and it can stay there. That should drive a fair bit of traffic to your site

2. I want to create a "community" button on our support page that links to our vendor section here and I want to start addressing support issues for our customers (and for anyone else that wants help) in your forum. That should drive a fair bit of traffic as well and more and more over time.

3. Each of our firmware files for our various devices will get its own page in our vendor section on FMA. That page will be linked to by the firmware download section of our website and vice versa. People come to TNT in large part because we make good firmware and provide it for free to the community. A lot of people buy from TNT because of our community involvement.

So currently, that is what I can offer in terms of (driving more people to FMA).

I think people will also respect FMA if you are our "official support forum" (and vice versa I think people will respect TNT more because of relationship with FMA... hopefully I don't have a hyper-inflated view of TNT lol...). For retail, building consumer confidence is a good thing :) .

I want TNT to be a "big tent" approach to retail in that we are accessible to all kind of customers but I want our niche'... our target market (especially for web sales) to be Developers, Armchair enthusiasts, hackers, tech heads, nerds, geeks, hobbiests... you get the idea. People that like tech and know how to use a forum :) .

I think FMA, at least in part, does cater to this group as you do take special care of devs (as an example). So I think our goals are somewhat aligned. Right now I am broke (cash poor) and don't mind telling folks that :) . We are small business still. However down the road I could see us also sponsoring special projects for kicks and interest (hardware and software mods, special app builds, and firmware builds, etc. etc.) and/or partnering with FMA to do those kinds of things.

I think XDA Developers has made a name for itself with main-line smartphones. I think FMA can and should do the same with China Tabs. If someone from my shop buys an M1, I think they can start with our firmware but if they really want to trick it out their next stop should be FMA.

Anyhow, I am blathering a bit which I tend to do. That is what I think TNT can offer and perhaps more, Dan is welcome to pitch in and agree with/add to/or contradict :) . I would like to get Paul (our UK partner) involved on here as well.

I will address some of the things we are looking for specifically from a relationship with the forum in a separate post but I wanted to kick things off with what I am hoping we an offer.

I will also just say that of the various forums I have been involved with (SLD most heavily, Vondroid, FMA, and Dragon Devs), FMA has been the most formally supportive of our business (you all keep running our ads in spite of no payment, Dan is a partner, you have given us our own forum sections, etc. etc.) so in large part I just felt it was time to reciprocate. We have needed to move forward with picking a forum partner for a while now and due to the above, FMA has definitely given me the best impression of a business that would be beneficial for us to partner with.




PS - Dan, I did go in and turn Analytics back on for both the CA and UK site :)


So what I would like to get in return...

First, I will say that as far as TNT goes I am all about making money. However, I believe that best approach to make the most money is to be honest and provide value to every person you come into contact with. Hence why I am all about being involved in forums. I think over the long term there will be a financial reward for time invested.

So, in regards to FMA...

1. A dev support community for the products we sell... especially if we branch out into TV sticks as I have a feeling the support for those from the manufacturer's, at least initially, will suck...

2. The ability to host portions of your site in an iFrame would be nice. Currently, attempting to put FMA in an iFrame causes it to bust out which I understand. But, I would like to make our TNT section of your site OUR sites "community support" section but I would like it to be hosted in an iFrame so that it is at least somewhat still an extension of or part of our site. Ultimately this is still driving page views up on your site and it should drive membership for FMA as people will have to be members to interact on our section of your forum. So, iFrame support would be nice.

3. Continued good will :)

4. Help sending traffic to our site. Currently 50% of the traffic on our site comes from referral. 90% of that is from SLD. I would like most of referral traffic to come from FMA. But I would like it to be mostly... organic? Not necessarily from ads is what I mean. Please understand that a year ago 90% of our total site traffic came from SLD so it has been gradually shifting towards more organic search traffic rather than just all being referral. Which is what I want. I am all for getting traffic however we can, but I think it is "healthier" so to speak to not be totally reliant on one kind of traffic or another.

5. Occasional content for our "article" section. Maybe allowing us to do a full copy of the RSS feed instead of just the headline links? We would of course leave a full link at the base of each back to FMA. I have been experimenting with monetizing portions of the TNT site as many of our visitors come for free good firmware which I am all for providing but I would like to generate somekind of revenue from those kinds of visits aside from just converting the occasional dropper by into a customer. Adsense revenue is wonderful as there is no warranty attached and therefore no liability :) .

6. The ability to announce a formal partnership a few places like our Facebook Fan Page and perhaps the ability to stick the FMA logo on our site somewhere. I am thinking about putting up an "ad" or page or something on the site that basically lists off all the forums where TNT has been a major contributor as kind of a monument to our community involvement as I have had many customers tell me that that is the reason they decided to buy from us.

Anyhow, that is all off the top of my head :) , your all's feedback is most welcome.

Kind Regards,


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