Unbricking a Giani Playpal RK3168

Hi All

I have one of these tablets which sticks on the Android logo and I'd quite like to get it working again. I've managed to root it OK with VROOT and have been nosing around the system using ADB but I can't seem to set it into recovery mode properly. It has no hardware reset button, nor any volume buttons so normal reset options are not available.

Using GpGtool I did manage to reset it into recovery mode, but it just displays an android on it's back with a red exclamation mark above its stomach.

The specs I have found out by googling and opening up the device are as follows:

Model: Giani Digital 8" Playpal
Screen: 1024 x 768
Processor: Rockchip RK3168 dual core A9
GPU: RK610-G
PCB: SV8030
1GB RAM - Elixir N2CB4GT16BP-DI
8GB NAND - 29f64g08CBABA
32GB SD card socket
Mini HDMI socket
Headphone Socket
0.3MP front camera
2MP rear camera
Battery 3200maH 3.7v

If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful. It's not a bad spec tablet and I'd like to get it running again.

For my part, I will be happy to test any roms and report back here to help others with the same tablet.

Thanks in anticipation...


Unbricking a Giani Playpal RK3168

Hi Again

After much messing around I've managed to get this working. The magic formula was as follows:

Root the device with vroot

adb shell
su root
wipe data

Although wipe data was used, there's still quite a lot of user data, pictures etc. still on the device. If you plug in the USB cable, the tablet asks you if you'd like to turn USB on and if you agree, 2 removable drives come up in Windows, one which is the internal memory and the other which is the SD card. As the device now starts, I can offer some more info on the device from

Settings/About menu:
Model Number: Haier-SY0880
Android version: 4.2.2
Baseband Version: Unknown
Kernel Version: 3.0.36+, liangyoujin@ubuntu #52, Thu Aug 22 14:05:17 CST 2013
Build number: rk30dsk-eng 4.2.2 JDQ39, eng.liangyoujin.20130822. 140534 test-keys

Settings/Storage menu:
Internal Storage: 0.98GB (1GB DDR)
Nand Flash: 5.69GB (8GB NAND-OS)

This was quite a challenge to try and get going as there is only 1 button which is power and no home/volume or reset buttons. You would think the designer had thought of all recovery strategies and blocked them!

So the next question is, does anybody want a copy of the ROM? I'm going to factory reset it through the menus and I'll be happy to supply a copy of the ROM for others - if someone can tell me how to do it!

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