[ROM] Stock ROM 20120619 is now released...

New update stock ROM 0619 for Novo7 Mars,

Manual update instructions in chinese, http://bbs.ainol.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=5603, use google translate to read.

1) Download takes 45 min at least,
2) stamp may show 20120618, it is fine.
3) title said this is a simplified ROM, only ROM, no any crap apps came with, after flashing, one need to download from googleplay and re-install. Some users report there are some new apps included.
4) several users reported screen problems fixed
5) one report battery lifetime 'seemed' getting worse.
6) one report apps can only be installed on internalSD
7) same warning, if your tablet works kind of ok, no wifi/screen/websurfing problems, you may want to skip this upgrade, and keep using your 'kind of ok' tablet, :hypnotysed:. My tablet runs ok, I am going to wait awhile.

This upgrade is mainly to fix multitouch screen / wifi problems. If yours is fine, dont need to upgrade, there is nothing new.



[ROM] Stock ROM 20120619 is now released...

i cant get any battery time i was told ROM 20120619 to update cant seem to find can you help

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