rooting my MID (Zaktab) K9A-6

hi everybody,

i tried alot but i cannot root my tablet. the bad - i have no wondows pc.

my hardware:
Tablet Zaktab k9a-6 / MID
CPU. rockchip rk3188
gpu mali 400 3D

rom rk30sdk
android 4.2.2 / JDQ39

does anybody kow a way to root it?

thx alot


now i have windows - but i cannot install the drivers for my device. every driver in internet doesn't match to it!

who can help?
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rooting my MID (Zaktab) K9A-6

ok - done
i got my root

and again i have to ask: windows? for what?
solved with LINUX

the diskription i found is there:

it's sooo cool - worked at 1st try.

happy rooting

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