Pipo s1 pro root?

[quote=whacker]I had the same thing. This is because you don't have the drivers installed.
Start over.
1. Start the Rockchip batch tool.
2. Connect your tablet to the PC.
3. The device is now "pink" in the batch tool.
4. Click switch.
5. Your tablet shuts down and your PC recognizes an "unidentified device".
6. Find the unidentified device in your device manager (in computer management). Update it's driver with the rockchip driver (it's in the same package as the batch tool).
7. Disconnect the tablet.
7. Turn your tablet on, it's possible that you have to hold the reset button (with a pin), to be able to put it on.
8. Connect the tablet to your computer.
9. Run the rockchip batch tool. Your device will be recognized as pink again.
10. Click "switch" in the batch tool and WAIT. It can take a minute before your device becomes green.
11. Load the firmware in the batch tool and click "upgrade".
12. WAIT! It'll take a few minutes and your tablet will reboot a few times, don't touch anything.
13. Done.

It's a lot of steps but it's fairly simple.[/quote]

Thank you sooo much for telling how to do this!!! I've spent 8 hrs trying to figure out why it wasn't working! I downloaded moborobo and tried that method as well. But I didn't realize the driver had to be installed through device manager.

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